Best smartwatch 2022 Android

Best smartwatch 2022

Scroll through it until the end of summer.I have been using Mi Band 4 for over a year already so I will compare it to wherever needed.Best smartwatch 2022

Screen: The screen is just gorgeous! It’s Full Touch Larger 2.79cm (1.1 ”) Full Touch AMOLED Display,You will immediately appreciate the extra real estate than the Mi Band 4.

It has antifingerprint coating (it works) Sadly there is no gorilla glass. Best curved glass is very hard to find and put on the screen guard.

The display is clearly visible in direct sunlight.

Best smartwatch 2022

What is PAI on Mi Smart Band 5?

Personal activity is an intelligence (PAI) age, which is a true fitness measure based on gender and existing fitness level.
This is the first scientifically validated weekly score indicating the level of personalized activity for good health.


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